Date:  2 to 11 October 2015

Place: Barcelona (Spain)

Objective: Support the Cancer Prevention campaign (SECAPC)

Collaborators: FundacióDir / Instituto Municipal de Mercados de Barcelona

Eric Abidal Foundation joined the initiative of the Federación Catalana de Entidades contra el Cáncer (FECEC) to hold the Catalan Week of Cancer Prevention (SECAPC). The slogan of the campaing was: ‘Act against cancer, eat healthily and move!’ The objective was to promote a healthy lifestyle to prevent cancer.

The president of the Foundation and former footballer, ​​Eric Abidal, supported the campaign by sharing his testimony on how sports and a good diet helped him recover from his disease and how they continued being of great help in his day-to-day.

The campaign aimed to raise awareness on cancer prevention in the population and stress the importance of sports and a healthy diet to achieve so. To this end, during the morning, the event speakers as well as participants took a selfie eating an apple in a photocall with the faces of every one that joined the challenge of taking a selfie as part of the #menjasaimoute campaign.

This time, renowned international chef Carme Ruscalleda starred in the campaign spot, calling for people’s participation to send in a photo eating an apple, and share it in their social networks under #menjasaimoute and challenge the audience to do it as well. The idea increased the number of people aware of the need to prevent cancer.

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