Date: September 10, 2015

Place: Paris (France)

Objective: Present the objectives of the Eric Abidal Foundation

The president of the Foundation, Eric Abidal, explained the Foundation’s motivations and objectives to the French and Catalan audience invited to the headquarters of the Catalan Delegation in Paris. The Delegate of the Catalan Government in France and Switzerland, Martí Anglada, was present at the event, which took place as part of the celebrations of the Diada de Cataluña (National Day of Catalonia) in France.

This event gave the opportunity to the French former footballer to reveal the details that led him to create his Foundation, and how he wants to help those who need it the most during cancer treatments in children and the young.

At night, the Diada de Cataluña celebrations included the screening of the film “Barcelona, ​​la Rosa de Fuego, directed by Manuel Huerga and produced by Mediapro. Eric Abidal contributed voice-over work in the French version.

Woody Allen, Pep Guardiola, Daniel Brühl and Joan Manuel Serrat provided voice-over commentaries to the English, Catalan, German and Spanish versions respectively. All of them worked on the same text but each adds their own feeling that reveals their personal relationship with Barcelona.

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