Date: 22 October, 2015

Place: Neuchâtel (Switzerland)

Objective: Create collaboration agreements

The Gilbert Facchinetti Foundation was created in Neuchâtel (Switzerland) in 2012 and shares the same origin with Eric Abidal Foundation: football. Likewise, they both pursue the same goals: respect towards one another inside and outside the pitch and the integration of the youth that need it. The Gilbert Facchinetti and Eric Abidal Foundations grew closer on 8 May 2015 at the traditional charity lunch that takes place at the Patinoires du Littoral de Neuchâtel, in Switzerland.

The values that Eric Abidal wants to communicate with his foundation are aligned with those defended and promoted by the Gilbert Facchinetti Foundation. Created in early 2012, after the disappearance of Neuchâtel Xamax, the new entity set among its goals to encourage football practice as a way of youth integration and to promote youth’s health, both physically and socially.

Thanks to this sportive connection, former international Swiss player Alexandre Rey, President of the Gilbert Facchinetti Foundation had his first contact with Eric Abidal.

Beyond the financial aspect, the benefits from this collaboration were mainly human and social. It allowed Gilbert Facchinetti Foundation to continue raising money to fund football practice for over 150 young people and contribute to their integration through sports.

For the Eric Abidal Foundation, all donations given during the event were used to promote projects to help young people with oncological diseases and their affective environment.

Finally, both the Eric Abidal Foundation and the Gilbert Facchinetti Foundation supported actions in favour of the integration of young people at risk of social exclusion.

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