Date: 22 April 2016

Place: Barcelona (Spain)

Objetivo: Presentation of the Eri Abidal Foundation

The ex-footballer Eric Abidal has presented his plan of life; the Foundation that bears his name and that will help children and young cancer patients and their affective environment. Accompanied by his wife Hayet, Director of the Foundation, and the first partners who believed in his personal adventure, Eric Abidal explained the challenges, objectives and key projects that are underway. “Everything begins today” is the motto of the foundation that aims to give hope to all who strive to have a fresh start.

22nd of April. A date. A place

The number 22 is the number of Abidal. A number that has marked his life and who has dressed countless times on football fields. Therefore, this figure had to be present on such an important day. The 22nd of April marks the beginning of a new stage in the life of Eric; finished his career as an elite sportsman, now he wants to keep working to help others who are going through difficult times because of cancer.

The headquarters of the Foundation has been established in Barcelona, where the ex-footballer and his family have taken up residence. That is why the place chosen for the presentation was the InGracia center in Barcelona, where all the sponsors, partners, friends of the Foundation and the media could follow the explanations of the president, Eric Abidal.

All in an event that was hosted by journalist Josep Cuni, who next to Eric, was responsible for introducing the main pillars of the foundation: health, sport and family.

One of the most moving moments was when the reporter brought up on stage to Gerard, a boy who shared very delicate moments with Eric in the hospital and wanted to be close to the former player on this special day.

And soon…

During the event it was explained the first project of the Foundation with RICOH. A charity cycling race that will leave London on the 16th of May and will arrive in Barcelona on the 27th of May. Eric Abidal, as president of the Foundation, will be waiting for the brave athletes on arrival. This tour will raise funds for the Insitute of Liver Studies in London, a reference center for research of liver diseases. And a portion of the funds raised will also go to Eric Abidal Foundation for their projects. This is the first project together with RICOH, but there are other planned until April 2016.

In the launching event was also introduced the agreement between the Foundation and the Swiss watch company, Zenith, with whom there will be other events, galas and charity matches to raise funds for the Foundation for cancer research and awareness of donations.

A Foundation open for everybody

The Eric Abidal Foundation remains open to new contacts and joint projects. The president, Eric Abidal, emphasized that this foundation has to work as a team, as he has always worked and understands life: “Everyone contributes and at the end, the result is better, bigger and more people can benefit”.

But besides the big donors, the Foundation is open to contributions from all those who share their values and who want to grow the vital project of Eric Abidal. As president remarked: “Every small contribution counts and it is important to make us bigger and more known, because only then you get farther. We are in Barcelona, but our vocation is international. We want to help many people and disadvantaged groups, wherever they are.”

The event concluded with a round of questions by national and international media and a snack in the same center.

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